"Davey thank you so much for coming to our school again the pupils and the staff were so greatly blessed! "       
Mr R Medway, Head, The Vine School, Southampton

"Davey speaks in language that the pupils can relate to and so they can learn from his mistakes"               
Mr A Whitely, St Josephs RC School, Hebburn, Tyne & Wear

In the past few years Davey and the team have shared in:  Ryton Comprehensive School, Newcastle; The
Duchess High School, Alnwick;  Newcastle Central High School;  Westfield Girls School; Longbenton
Community College; Ashington High School;  The Northumberland Church of England Academy: St Joseph's
RC School, Hebburn; St Johns RC School, Durham; Gosforth Academy, Newcastle and The Vine School,
Southampton to name but a few.
Please feel free to contact us for references.
Over the years Davey and the Lakeshore Team have visited schools regularly, sharing testimony and faith in a
way that young people can relate to.  We have developed good relationships with many schools over the years
across a wide spectrum of educational facilities. We regularly go into inner city, state run schools as well as
some of the top private establishments. The young people enjoy the visits and are always eager to attend  
whatever the programme is.
A typical visit would be an assembly followed by Davey and the team taking
R.E lessons with an occasional after school event, though we are flexible to accommodate for the needs of the
school. During the course of a typical R.E lesson, Davey usually shows the 15 minute version of Gangland to
God, then he shares for a few minutes before asking another of the team to share their testimony, these
sessions usually conclude with a question and answer time.
These are excellent sessions and allow the young people to question Davey and the team on a wide range of
social issues and topics which are relevant to their lives and personal development.
(If video does not show, check for yellow bar at top of screen and allow blocked content)
For many years now Davey and the Lakeshore   team have led hundreds, if not
thousands, of      prisoners to Christ in prisons all over the UK as well as abroad.
Davey has ministered in some of the country's most notorious prisons to some of
the most notorious and violent men. We have seen the power of God move mightily
behind prison walls with many prisoners saved and slain under the power of the
Holy Spirit.
Because of Davey's past history many prisoners knew him or of him and those who
didn't could totally relate to his story. In Scotland's most notorious prison Barlinnie,
over sixty men surrendered their lives to Jesus after hearing Davey's story - some of
Prison & Young Offenders Work
Youth Events & Media Coverage
Davey with Chip on GOD TV's
'The Warehouse Project'  2009
Up Close & Personal (6 Part Series)
Revelation TV  2008
Over the years we have been involved in many Youth Events and also covered
extensively on both Christian and Secular TV and Radio.
Davey has spoken at big events such as John Mulinde's Joshua Camp in
Kampala, Uganda where there were youth from over 20 nations represented.
He has also spoken at the Youth Explosion in Nyayo Stadium, Kenya as well
British events like 'Go Large' Durham Diocese's annual youth event and 'Stayin
Alive' another Anglican youth camp. He also shared with 2000 or so young
people at Newcastle City Hall.
Davey was a regular panelist on the BBC Radio Programme 'Thank God its
Thursday'.  In recent years he has also featured on The Terry Wogan Show and
Sarah Kennedy's Show on BBC Radio 2 as well as many local radio stations.
Davey's story was featured on BBC Songs of Praise and he also appeared on a
Channel 5 programme with London Gangster Dave Courtney. He has appeared
many times on Christian TV Networks including GOD TV, UCB, Revelation TV,
Genesis, Inspiration Channel and others all over the world.
On TV in Republic of Congo
BBC Songs Of Praise
I first met Davey when he spoke at HMP Dovegate Mission in the autumn of 2006 when  many men responded to his
message by committing their lives to Christ.  I could see that Davey had an exciting ministry - with real results - and we
were witnessing the 'fruit' of that ministry.  Davey reaches the unsaved in a very direct way His gritty story of how he had
lived prior to becoming a Christian totally connects with prisoners.  He speaks to them in a way that the general
chaplaincy could not possibly do and then takes  them on a journey straight to the foot of the cross.  I invited him to Rye
Hill prison in 2008.  At Rye Hill, he brought tears to my eyes as I saw the move of the Holy Spirit that I had been praying for -
it was awesome!  Not one person, including the chaplains, left that afternoon without having experienced the anointing of
the Holy Spirit.  There was one point when I remember looking around and thinking, 'Am I the only one standing?'  The
officers on duty were talking about it later saying 'There's a  man up there who is 'blowing' the prisoners over!'  When we
had full immersion baptisms later that year, Davey himself carried them out, and we had an opportunity for more of his
outstanding ministry.  Davey is one of God's willing servants, a really humble man, and a real pleasure to have in our
prisons today.

                                                                   Rev Sandie Hicks, Chaplaincy Team - HMP Dovegate & HMP Ryehill
Davey speaking at a school in Northumberland
- ITV News Clip
A typical assembly in school
Youth, Prisons & Schools
Chaplaincy Comments
Teacher's Comments

Click the link below to
hear a
reference for Davey's
school work from Louis
Spence, Head of R.E at
The Duchess's
Community High
School, Alnwick,

Louis Spence
"I've had the privilege of hearing Davey speak in our chapel at HMP Ashfield twice now. Both times Davey was able to
communicate in a way that had the young men in our prison absolutely transfixed. The story of his life and how God turned
it round is an amazing testimony. He hasn't only got a story to tell however, Davey has a really powerful healing ministry. We
have had most of the chapel come forward for prayer when Davey has spoken, and that has included officers! If you like a
nice safe service dont invite Davey! If you want to see God At work changing lives then I cant recommend him highly
                                                                                                Rev Nick Hay (Senior Chaplain) HMP & YOI  Ashfield
them had known him from the past. The staff as well as the prisoners fell under the power of God as the Holy Spirit
hit the chapel. The same happened in Maghaberry Top Security Prison in Northern Ireland as well as many other
prisons all over the UK. We have seen top drug dealers, gangsters, hit men, former paramilitaries, coup leaders
and assassins surrender all to Jesus.
This ministry is able to reach those who are considered to be unreachable. We also see the same results in the
Youth Offenders Institutions seeing many young men turning from their lives of crime and finding a better path in
Christ. We have many testimonies of men who were led to Christ over ten years ago and who are still following the
right path - some are even running churches now!
In 2006 Davey went in to Dovegate Prison, Staffordshire with some of the GOD TV Team for a weeks mission with
the chaplaincy team. That week over 150 men surrendered to Jesus. There is a link below.
Davey at HMP Dovegate
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