Paul Thompson - Doorman,  set free from drink & drugs
Paul was a violent man who worked on the doors of pubs and clubs in Newcastle for around 15
years. He had a 28 year drug addiction which was accompanied by an addiction to binge
drinking. In 2007 he had an encounter with Jesus that broke all his addictions. He is now a care
support worker free of his former life style and is now in training as a minister in the Family
Church network.
Ed Crudace - Retired Police Inspector, healed of diabetes
Ed came to Family Church about three years ago on Easter Sunday. At the time he was
suffering from diabetes. During the service Davey called Ed forward for prayer, he prayed over
him and Ed was healed of diabetes. His doctors stopped his medication and three years on Ed
is free of the condition. He is now a member of the Ashington Church and is leading
housegroups! Thanks be to God!!
Debbie Depper - Housewife, healed of M.E
When Debbie first came to Family Church she walked with a stick and needed help to do even basic
things, due to having severe M.E. After receiving prayer she has been healed and the symptoms have
disappeared one by one. She now looks and feels twenty years younger and is able to live a totally
different life. She is now training to be a minister and regularly shares testimony at a number of venues.
Praise and Glory to God!!
Click here to view Debbie's testimony video on You Tube
Elaine Rennie - ITV 'Stars in their Eyes' winner' - Died and went to Heaven!
Singer Elaine was touring with the Norwegian Army when she had a head-on collision and was killed
instantly. She found herself in Heaven standing in front of Jesus! He asked her if she wanted to stay or
go back to earth to share the gospel and sing for God. She said she would go back! Six hours later
hospital workers in the morgue were stunned as she rose from the dead!!
Elaine was in the 1999 final of 'Stars in their Eyes' singing 'Heaven is a place on earth!!'. Elaine sings on
our CD 'Streets Paved with Gold' - an awesome testimony of God's grace and love.
Rev Davey Falcus - "From Gangland To God"
Davey was born in Brampton, Cumbria in May 1966, He was born the product of an adulterous
affair. He was put up for adoption at six weeks old. Adopted by a 'Bible believing' Christian family
he was taken to Sunday School as a child and was surrounded with love. Davey's life turned
upside down when he was six years old when a wave of death hit the family. In the space of a few
months three of his Grandparents, an uncle and his adopted mother, Joan, all died.  The remainder
of the family was shell shocked and a lot of problems ensued. Davey's life lost all direction and at 7
years old he began to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and was stealing both from home and shops.
His life went from bad to worse. At the age of 10 Jesus spoke to Davey telling him that later in his
life he would serve God, but warned that evil would also target his life!
He started getting locked up by the age of 10. By 13 his home life had deteriorated to the point where he was put into
the care system. He began to take drugs and joined gangs and started out on a life of violence. By sixteen he was
carrying guns and machetes and was arrested and locked up for most of his teenage years. At 17 he was locked up
after an armed siege with the police and throughout his life he was questioned and accused of everything from bank
robberies, shootings, ABH, GBH and malicious woundings as well as being imprisoned for violence and drug dealing.

As he grew older he became part of the 'Firm' who controlled the region's drug scene. He mixed with celebrities as
well as some of the country's most notorious villains.  In 1988 Davey met Kath who would later become his wife. Kath
was a pub manager at the time and Davey was involved with Door Security. For years Davey and Kath worked in the
pub industry but  Davey continued on a course of self destruct spending fortunes on his playboy lifestyle running pubs
in Newcastle and London, travelling the world meeting many famous people.
By 1994 Davey was becoming sick of the life he was leading and yearned for peace in his troubled world. He began to
seek answers to his problems and addictions.

For over a year he searched through Hinduism, Buddhism and Spiritism finding no answers. He became desperate and
suicidal. Going through months and months of torture, losing his mind - it seemed like there was no way out.
On August 16th 1995 as a last resort, Davey got on his knees and called out to Jesus. Shouting "Jesus, if you are really
God, come and sort me out and I'm yours!".  Amazingly The Lord responded - a bright light filled the room and peace
began to flow over Davey's body! The light became so bright Davey put his hands over his eyes; after a few minutes he
took them away and Jesus was standing there! He said "Son, your sins are forgiven! Go now and sin no more!"  At that
moment a 15 year drug habit and 20 year alcohol addiction was broken in an instant! Anger,violence and hatred left
Davey's body and he was instantly filled with the Peace of God. He was born again ( John 3:3)

For a year Davey locked himself away in a room as the Lord ministered love and healing to him. He read the Bible and
learned to pray, spending up to 10 hours a day in God's presence. After a year Davey began attending the local church
in Killingworth. He served for a while as church warden in the Anglican Church before moving on to the Pentecostal
Church. In 1998 Davey received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at the Sunderland Christian Centre through the hands of
Evangelist JJohn. God started to use Davey powerfully in the healing ministry and began to train him in ministry,
working on the streets, in schools and prisons. Davey also ran a drug rehab for a year. He was ordained as a minister
in 1999 and has pastored and planted churches in Newcastle and Ashington.
He has travelled the world preaching and teaching in around 25 nations speaking regularly in Churches, Prisons,
Crusades, Conferences, Stadiums, Seminaries and has featured regularly on both secular and Christian TV. Over the
years God has developed this apostolic ministry and Davey covers a number of other ministries and churches.

He has pioneered many  Kingdom ventures including Prayer Networks and Minister's Leadership Groups. The Lord has
anointed this ministry with a strong emphasis on healing, deliverance, miracles and warfare.  In recent years Davey has
ministered in such places as Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Congo, USA, Holland, Sweden, Cyprus, Guatemala, Channel
Islands and Grenada to name but a few. His story was featured by the BBC on the 'Songs of Praise' programme and his
life featured in the book 'Gangland To God'. Over the years he has led thousands to Christ moving mightily in the
power of God. He is currently based in Ashington, Northumberland in the UK. He is married to Kath, they have 5
Children and 3 Grandchildren.
Miracle Life-Changing Testimonies
Shaun  Raveboy - Snatched From Satan's Claws!
Former gang member and satanist Shaun was about to sacrifice his wife and daughter when the Holy
Spirit stepped in just in time. On hearing Davey's testimony on local radio in his home in Grenada he fell
under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and made his way to the FGBMFI breakfast where Davey was
speaking and surrendered all to Jesus. After the demons were cast out he was baptised in the Holy
Spirit and is now an evangelist sharing his story throughout the Caribbean.
Click here to view Shaun's testimony video on You Tube
Lakeshore - Love in Action!
See more great testimonies on the Lakeshoreuk channel on You Tube
"Behold the works I do you shall do also"  John 14:12
The Fields Are Ripe For The Harvest!!
Kampala - Uganda 2004
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